Evening Desert Safari in Dubai | Camel Trekking in Dubai

1.Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

First thing that will help you to Explore the Beauty of Desert with many Thrilling activities in Desert . There are many things to do at night in Desert that things you cannot do any other time that’s way Evening Desert Safari Dubai is the best way to do Adventure in Desert. The first main reason is Peoples are busy most of the time. Even when they are on vacation in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, it is still not certain that they will be able to explore the Dubai desert in the morning.

In such a scenario, if there is one thing that would help you a lot, it is to choose Evening Desert Safari Dubai. This package is not only inexpensive but also very cozy. Having this package means you won’t have to rush through anything and you can still explore the wilderness.

Some Best things we will provide you

If you have decided to explore the desert with Evening Desert Safari Dubai, we have good news for you. Adventure in Dubai can organize a wonderful tour for you because that is what we do. The Adventure in Dubai a travel agency and our name is the best trip to Dubai. We not only provide our customers with comfort, but we also make sure to welcome them. When we are there for you, you can be sure that the weather will be exceptional.

Now we will let you know the details of our package so that you can make a decision accordingly. We have a wonderful package and we can assure you that you will have fun.

How to start the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

We start by getting our valued customers back. We always make sure to offer pickup and return services so that we can provide the best possible convenience to our valued customers. For collection and delivery services, we have two wonderful packages. The first is called the basic package and the second premium package. In our standard package, we select a location for our clients and then clients will need to reach that location from their hotel or accommodation.

In our premium package, we make sure to provide pickup at the customer’s premises. It doesn’t matter if you live that far from the desert in Dubai, we will pick you up at your home if you have the premium package with you.

For pickup and delivery services, we make sure to always dispatch qualified and trained drivers. You will not have to worry about the locations as they know everything about Dubai. It is also good that you know that our vehicles are insured. This means that you will not have any legal problems when you have our services.

In the Desert

After the pickup, we arrive directly to the desert. Here, re-tested customers have two options. If you want to explore the desert in a Land Cruiser, you will need to confirm it first. On the other hand, if you want to explore the desert on the back of a camel, you will have to let us know beforehand. If you have the Vehicle Safari option with you, we will make sure to allow you to explore the desert in a beautiful Land Cruiser.

On the other hand, if you have chosen the Evening Desert Safari Dubai, the Camel Ride will be there with the qualified guide. Everything is going to be wonderful because we make sure to take all the points into account. We are here to serve you in the best way possible because that is what we do. As you explore the desert, we will make sure to take you to the highest red dunes so you can hit them.

Dunes, Sandboarding and Selfies

People who don’t know anything about the desert may not want to believe that it can also be enjoyed. People who do not know the desert do not know that here they can also enjoy some activities. When we talk about activities, we are talking about hitting the dunes, sandboarding, and taking a selfie. There are so many wonderful places in a desert where you can take a brilliant photo.

Apart from that, in the Land Cruiser you will have the option of hitting the dunes or sandboarding. You can come to the desert with your friends, family, spouse or children. We have activities planned for everyone and you will enjoy them immensely. If you are on Facebook and looking for the perfect mural for your Facebook page, then in nature you will have this opportunity. The desert is a wonderful place and by taking advantage of the Evening Desert Safari Dubai, you can take the opportunity to explore it.

Camping and wonders in Evening Desert SafariĀ 

Our night desert safari in Dubai takes an incredible turn when we enter the camp. Camping is an incredible place because here you will have the opportunity to rest. If exploring the wilderness tires you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rest after camping.

Camping can be so wonderful because here you can see live music and belly dancing. We have seen belly dancers our entire lives, but we have no idea how wonderful they are when we see them up close. Not only are they extremely beautiful, but they also know how to dance very well.

When we are at camp, we will plan some wonderful activities for you. If she has her spouse with you, she will have the opportunity to paint her hands here, other than that there are many activities.

Dinner in Desert

Evening BBQ Dinner in Dubai Desert

A delicious dinner is something we all look forward to after a tiring trip. After exploring the desert when we are in the camp, we will make sure that in our Evening Desert Safari package we provide you with a wonderful dinner.

It will be a barbecue dinner and the Arabic delicacies will be so delicious that you will not be able to stop talking about them. Arab delicacies are famous all over the world. We all know that there is something about Arabic food that people keep talking about even after eating something.

Dinner Time

At the end of the trip, we will make sure that before the return option we will offer you the best dinner. You may not be able to forget this dinner for a long time because it will be wonderful.

Imagine the setting where you are sitting in the silence of a desert and enjoying barbecue dinner. If you recently got married and want to make sure you have fun with her spouse while enjoying nature, this is your chance. If it weren’t for something else, you will have to come to the desert for this very thing, to have dinner and enjoy at the best level with your friends, family or even your spouse.

Back to home!

We are a wonderful travel agency because we are very accommodating to our clients. Once we are done exploring the desert, we will drop you off at your home. If you have the premium package with you, we will drop it off at your hotel. Other than that, if you have a standard package with you, we will drop it off at your location. We are sure you will check us out after enjoying our Dubai Desert Safari at night.

How can you book us for a Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

You have no idea how simple this can be. The numbers are available on our website. All you have to do is visit our website, get the numbers, and call us. Our customer service representatives are always available and will take your call to confirm the visit. Apart from that, you can visit our website so that you can fill out the form. You must complete this form so that we know what visit you want for your vacation. Once we have all the information with us, we will call you and confirm the visit.

Holidays are your birthright and it is important that you do it the right way. If you are in Dubai, you must get the Evening Desert Safari Dubai package. This bundle is not only inexpensive, it looks great too. You can have this pack for your mom’s dad, spouse, kids, friends, or even your mom’s family.

We are so confident that you will enjoy this package so much. We are here for you and we will make sure to organize a wonderful visit. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and let us serve you.

2. Camel Trekking Dubai

Camel Trekking Dubai

Transportation on the Camels is one of the oldest method of the Arabs. You should try to experience the oldest way of Arabs by Camel Trekking in Dubai. In this tour you can explore the wildlife that is living in the scorching heat of the desert. One of the most popular activities in Dubai is camel trekking. Travelers from all over the world come here to experience this adventurous activity. Dubai is one of the best destinations for camel trekking.

We are Adventure in Dubai is a tourist based company. And we are specially best in the Desert Safaris Dubai. The guide and the equipment are provided by the travel agents. Here are some tips on how to do camel trekking in Dubai.

Things to know before Desert Safari

The weather is always pleasant in Dubai; you can enjoy the desert all year round. Spring is the best time to go Camel Trekking in Dubai. During spring the temperatures will be very high but as the months go on they will fall. So it’s a good idea to avoid spring to reach the desert in the middle of summer. You can also make arrangements to trek during any other time of the year. There are certain areas that are more preferred when it comes to Camel Trekking in Dubai.

The best locations for camel trekking in Dubai are Sharjah, Al Maktoum, Satwa and Umm Maktabah. These places are the best in the desert safari in Dubai. They have the most beautiful scenery. Most tourists on their camel safari in Dubai prefer the Desert Safari.

Caravan Tour

Camel Trekking Dubai

You can enjoy Camel Trekking Dubai on Al-Karama road. It is a well known place for camel riding and trekking. However, the best location to enjoy a camel ride in Dubai is near Jumeriah. There is a restaurant there called the Camel Ride Inn that provides luxurious accommodation and delicious food.

You can also enjoy a caravan holiday in Dubai that includes Camel Trekking Dubai. You can take a caravan on the desert with an experienced driver who knows all the places. This will give you a true taste of the desert safari in Dubai.

Best time to Visit Desert

There is a lot of Camel Trekking Dubai information on the internet. You can find the right destination of all your needs. You can make arrangements for the trip keeping in mind the climate of the Dubai desert. The best time to visit this part of the world is in winter. There is a lot of cold weather during the winter, but winter gives a wonderful experience in camel ride Dubai.

Camel Trekking Dubai takes you deep into the wilds of the desert. You can see many animals like the ibis, zebra, deer, lions, water buffalo and many others. During your camel trekking Dubai you can see the springs of boiling water which is used for washing clothes. There are many hot water bottles available for hire at the camel trekking Dubai tourist site. This desert safari will refresh you and fill you with new energy to start afresh.

If you are a good traveler you can bargain for a better price for the Camel Trekking Dubai adventure. You can also arrange to have meals and snacks prepared by yourself. There are several agencies that will provide accommodation and guides for a comfortable trip. With the right planning you can make the most of this exotic desert safari in Dubai.

Thaian Desert

Camel Trekking Dubai takes you into the Thaian Desert and takes you up to the rocky peaks of the Al Hajar Mountains. The view from here will take your breath away. On your camel trekking Dubai visit you can shop antique handicrafts and traditional carpets. The Thaian Desert has been a place of pilgrimage for the Shiites and the Al Hajar Mountains are a place of honor for the Al Hajar tribe.

It is not possible for an inexperienced traveler to trek through the Thaian Desert on his own. So you can have a Camel Trekking Dubai guide to accompany you. You have the option to travel by land or by sea. Hiring a camel trekking Dubai guide gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill and the adventure of trekking in this beautiful desert. The guide can lead you through a maze of palm trees and rock formations. It will give you a fair idea about the routes to take and what to carry with you on Camel Trekking Dubai.

Where to start the Camel Trekking

A Camel Trekking Dubai tour starts from the deserts of the Bur Dhabi and passes through Al Hajar Mountains and takes you to the foothills of the Zaer forest. Here you will come across rocky spots, dunes and grasslands. There are plenty of springs and water holes in this area.

There are many holiday makers from all over the world who come to Dubai for their Camel Trekking Adventure. This is also a very good opportunity for the holiday makers to taste the local culture of the people of the United Arab Emirates. There are also various sightseeing spots that one can see on Camel Trekking Dubai Tours. These include the Al Boomt Mountains, Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, the National Museum, King Faisal Mosque, Emirates Airline carried out by Dubai Holding, the Al Hajar Mountains, the Creek of Fujairah and the southern end of the Al Ghriba Mountains.


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