Dubai has everything for everyone. If you want to go there for shopping, that option is very much there. If you like being in the desert and like being on the Safari ride, then you can go on that. If you want to sail on the waters, then that option is also there. Other than this, you probably have no idea that you can also go mountain trekking with a desert safari.

Today we are going to talk about that Hatta Mountain safari and why you need to go on this tour when you are in this fantastic City.

Dubai is considered to be the gold City because it has everything for everyone, but other than this, it has lush landscapes. You may forget about every other destination once you are in this beautiful city to enjoy your vacation. It is a lovely place, and it has everything that you can desire in a vacation spot.

Hatta Mountain Safari

You must have heard about Dubai and its beautiful desserts. To your amusement, it has beautiful mountains as well, and now you have the option to go on a safari ride in these mountains. We are confident that you must have wanted to go on a mountain trek. Now you have the chance to enjoy it all.

We at Adventure in Dubai can arrange for you an incredible Hatta Mountain safari. It is going to be an enjoyable ride, and you are going to remember it for a long time.

Depart in the Morning for a Fun Ride

We have wonderful packages available for Hatta Mountain Safari, and now you have a chance to enjoy your best time here.

It all starts on a perfect note. We depart early in the morning for a fun ride in the mountain. Basically, in Hatta mountain Safari we explore the Hajar mountain range, which is pretty and very aesthetic. You may feel as if you are walking in a movie or seeing the scenery. It is fantastic, and it is sure to give you a wonderful time. The lush green landscape will provide you with enough chances to take a selfie and give your Instagram feed a perfect time.

There are beautiful wadis in the landscape, and you are going to see beautiful blue water. There is also a chance for you to see the fish and Marine creatures while looking at the Wadis.

Mountain Trekking

We leave it up to the customer to trek the mountain on foot or the vehicle. Both options are available, and the customer is likely to have a good time. You must wear comfortable joggers or sandals if you want to go on a mountain trek on foot.

Fun activities in a Desert Hatta Mountain Safari

A safari ride in the desert is included in the mountains as well. We take our customers to the desert after they see the heap more closely. In the deserts, you have a chance to enjoy the desert activities. You can go on for a camel ride, or you can go on to other beautiful events. Time in the desert is always memorable, so make sure to click a lot of pictures so you can show your loved ones what a fantastic time you have had in the desert.

Hatta Fort Hotel

The Safari ride feels incomplete without food. Food is very much an option in our package. We will be relishing our taste buds in the Hatta fort hotel before the desert safari ride. In the hotel, you will have a chance to enjoy your favourite Arabian delights. It is a known fact that Arabian delights are famous all over the world and you will have an idea why. You can have whatever you like, but make sure that you do not eat much because there is a journey of desert ahead, and you may feel suffocated.

A stay at the campsite

After a beautiful lunch in the hotel, we go to the desert, and after the fun-filled activities of the desert, we arrive at the campsite. At the campsite, you can rest, or you can go for Heena paintings. If you are into tattoos, then you can go on for that option as well. At the campsite, you also will have a chance to enjoy shisha or other beverages, which are really good in the Dubai Desert. You may see one or two belly dancers as well because they are ubiquitous Hatta Mountain Safari packages.

A double treat

Hatta Mountain Safari is a double threat. Not only will you be enjoying the mountains, but you will also be enjoying the desert. All the people who want to enjoy this double treat can go for this package. This is wonderful and economical.


  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, so it becomes easy for you to walk in the mountains or the desert.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes as well because it may be difficult for you to walk in the desert with heels or pointed shoes.
  • In case you have asthma, then make sure that you do not go on a camel ride.
  • It is not a good idea to overeat because then you may not be able to walk comfortably in the desert.
  • It is also useful if you take good care while you are taking selfies because some dunes are dangerous.
  • Take care of your kids, and if they have an allergy, do not take them to the desert.
  • Also, take care of your belongings when you are with the guide.
  • Fasten your seatbelts properly when you are in the mountains.

Why us?

  1. We are a well-known travel agency, and we know how to arrange a wonderful tour for you in the mountains.
  2. We make sure that we provide a lot of convenience to our customers so they can have a good time.
  3. We are very economical, and we will be cheap for you than the other travel agencies.
  4. Get in touch with us if you want to enjoy the Hatta mountain Safari.

Avail one of our best, comfortable pick and drop services from your hotel or residential area. A professional and qualified driver will pick you up and drive you around the different areas in Hatta Mountain. Feel the fresh air as you ride in a 4×4 through the mountain ranges. Hatta Mountain Safari takes you on an adventurous journey. Take high-speed turns and jumps on the rough roads of Hatta Mountain.

Another great factor of this tour is its historical component which includes the visit to Heritage Village. As you enter this part of the city, you will come across marvellous ancient preservations, saved to this day. Get an insight into the history of Arabs when things were simpler.

Sightseeing during Hatta Mountain Safari

Travel to the old eras and see how the Arabs used to bring about the daily tasks of life. Visit the mosques and watchtowers that exhibit old traditions and culture. This package contains a special milestone, the Bait Al Wali, which is the house of the local ruler.

Relax in the water pool which feels like a piece of heaven on Earth. You can visit the famous carpet market and feel the smooth touch of authentic Arabic carpets and their elite patterns. Buy a stylish Arabic carpet to take back home.

As you move forward, visit the Hatta Fort in the Hatta Mountain and drink from the refreshments we provide to keep yourself hydrated throughout the tour.

You can also consider our other tours such as Morning Desert Safari or Red Dune Desert Safari.

Call or WhatsApp us to book Hatta Mountain Safari at +971581988064


  • Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai
  • Hatta tracking Mountain
  • Safari Hatta
  • Heritage Village
  • Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Fresh water pool
  • Visit of carpet market
  • Lunch (optional)
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai

Important Note:

  • Passport / Emirates ID is mandatory to carry during this trip.
  • Pick up can be arranged from other emirates with an extra surcharge.
Pick up 8:30 to 9:00AM
Drop Off 4:00 PM
Adult Price Above 9 Years AED 600
Child Price 3 to 9 Years AED 500
Infant Price Upto 3 Years 0
Duration 7 Hours
Availability Round The Year
Transport 4×4 SUV / VAN / Bus
Activity Moderate
Languages English, Hindi, Arabic
Dress Code Casual
Good to know Avoid Flip Flops
Hatta Mountain Safari

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